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What is included in the package?
Yacht with all equipment (some companies charge for using the autopilot or the GPS!)
Egyptian cotton bed linen, two towels
Inflatable dinghy with outboard motor
Foldaway bike
Gas for cooking

Note: Skipper's fees, mooring fees, laundry, and fuel are not included.
Can we have a bareboat charter?
An owner/skipper is required for insurance purposes. The skipper will be quite happy for you to completely take over the sailing of the yacht. This arrangement also frees you from any sailing "chores" and provides a useful back-up in case you need assistance.
Do do we have to provide "free food" for the skipper?
In a word, no! We adhere to the following statement:

"Provide your own food, and prepare it at a time that is convenient for the guests. If you are invited to dine with the guests, either on board or in a restaurant, then you may accept. However, any such invitation is to be considered a "one off" and you may not assume that you are invited for subsequent meals."
Do we have to help sail the yacht? Can we help sail the yacht?
The skipper is able to sail the yacht single-handed for most of the time. There are occasions when he may request assistance, such as when mooring. However, a lot of the fun of a yachting holiday is the taking part, and you will be encouraged to do so if you wish.
My partner doesn't like sailing - what can I do?
There are plenty of hotels locally, so you can still enjoy a holiday together, and return to your partner at the hotel whenever you like. Please contact us for details.
Are small children allowed?
Yes, with some restrictions. We recommend that children under 5 do not go on deck while under sail. All children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Incidentally, children love to "steer" the yacht, and the dual-control nature of the steering wheels (helm) makes this very reassuring.
What day of the week can we start?
Normally we book mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday), as the flights are normally cheaper then. Some parties book for 10 days, so we can often accept different start and finish days. We will always try to oblige, especially if you can be flexible with dates.